The Last Funnel You’ll Ever Need

Most small business owners, coaches, and consultants rely on referrals and word of mouth to generate new clients. How would your business and life change with 5, 10, 20, even 30 new client leads each month? What I have learned studying these businesses and working with experts across the country is that it is absolutely possible to build a marketing strategy that can deliver you a predictable and reliable stream of new client leads each and every month.


I’m guessing that you didn’t get into your field to work on sales and marketing. You want to work with your clients and help them or their businesses succeed. But without a strong marketing machine, your business will be going nowhere and you will not be able to help any clients.

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Marketing for your firm should be like a well oiled machine that you can turn on and predictably generate new client leads, and turn off when you can no longer handle the volume; or have to grow your own backend to handle it. Now that’s a problem that I think most people would love to have. But the thing is- most business owners, coaches, and consultants do not have that machine. They ask friends and family and other clients for referrals and hope and pray that someone comes along and happens to want what they are offering.


The sad truth is that if you cannot put money into your marketing machine, and have a reliable and predictable number of client leads come out the back… well you don’t really have a business.


What I am going to share with you today is a very simple four part system that has been proven time and again to generate predictable client leads and has earned dozens of people six and seven figure incomes without any additional sales or marketing programs necessary.


It may sound too simple for such a big claim, but if there is anything that i’ve learned in my career, it’s that the simple systems will out perform complicated plans every time and not only that but they will also leave more money in your pocket at the end of the day.


The problem for most business owners though, is that they are not salesmen. You didn’t get into the business to write ads and more likely than not have no interest in running a marketing or sales program. You want to work with your clients and solve problems. But how can you communicate your value to the perfect audience so that a potential client resonates with what you are telling them so deeply that they say:

‘Yes! That’s me! I NEED to schedule a meeting with you this week!’? Well that’s exactly what we’re going to discuss today.


The problem with today’s world of internet advertising is that there are so many different messages coming across that you don’t know which one to listen to, and even if you do pick one- how do you know it is telling you the right information?

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There is an unfortunate trend in the industry right now where everyone is trying to come up with the most complicated, most detailed, marketing systems to try and convert every last potential user online to customers but what they are all missing is that they are building on a fundamentally flawed concept.


They are adding more and more systems to a machine that is already broken.


Talented programmers and brilliant marketing minds are creating incredibly advanced programs in an attempt to convert website visitors, get more people on your email lists, and create the most beautiful websites on the planet. They are creating amazing technology- but it is ultimately built on a flawed concept.


At the end of the day there are really only two things that matter for your business… Generating new leads, and converting them to clients.


At this point i’m sure that you’re wondering what this kind of system looks like, so let’s get down to it.

It involves four parts, and I’ll quickly go over each to explain how it works:

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First we target the right audience who has a problem, with the right message that strikes a nerve, which we do by then calling out the ideal client and making them feel like we have torn a page out of their personal diary and -must- have an answer to their problem, which then generates a response.


Once we have their attention we can solve part of their problem for free in a short video training and then finally we roll out the red carpet and ask them to reach out if they would like additional help.


The result of executing this correctly is that you will have a predictable way to generate 5,10, 20, even 30 new client leads each and every month.


And the best part?


You will know down to the dollar, and day, how your business and marketing efforts will perform.You will finally have the marketing machine in place to drive your business forward. Putting those four things in place -market, message, media, and system will yield some incredible results in your business just like so many others have experienced.


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