Where to Submit Your Startup for Launch Traffic

Getting your new company built can be hard work, but what happens on launch day when you hit ‘GO’? Hopefully it’s not crickets chirping. To help out with that problem we have compiled a list of the best websites to submit your startup to get traffic. Getting that early traffic for your startup won’t come magically by simply submitting it to a bunch of lists, but it can help with that crucial day one traffic. Good luck from all of us here at Agent Elon! Don’t forget that our marketing assistant services come with unlimited monthly tasks that are ideal for things like submitting your startup to directories!

HackerNews – You can post your tech-related startup here for promotion or feedback. Don’t be overly promotional though!
TechCrunch – Suggestions can be submitted at http://techcrunch.com/tips/ Don’t count on being featured though, they get enough stories they can afford to pick only the best ones.
Product Hunt – A curated directory of the best new products and services. The community can upvote for more exposure.
Mashable – Great for consumer-based companies. Add a news-related spin for a better chance of being covered. Send them tips at http://mashable.com/submit/
Reddit – Make sure to provide value first and foremost. Simply being self-promotional is likely to get you banned. If your post works, however, expect lots of traffic.
ThunderClap – A social announcement platform that allows your followers to automatically send an announcement at the same time to their channels.
KillerStartup – Can often feel spammy but listing pages do well in search results.
SpringWise – More focused on offline businesses and ideas, but could be worth a submission.
Nouncy – Create a buzz on social media.
SaaS Genius – A software directory for businesses
Betalist – An online directory that features early stage startups each day
BetaPage – Same as above.
CrunchBase – Better thought of as a business directory. A very good place to help search results as well as documenting your company’s existence.
SignUp First – Get early adopters in exchange for rewards
HARO – Help A Reporter Out. Connecting journalists with sources for their stories.
Hey.press – Find the most relevant journalist in your field.
Muck Rack – An online service that helps you get press for your story
Pitch Pigeon – Easily create and send launch emails to over 200 tech blogs in just one click. Be wary of automated pitching!
VentureBeat – Just like CrunchBase they are online profiles for your business. Handy for searches.
AppSumo – A daily deals website for digitally distributed goods and online services.
BetaList – Ask for a bit too much info IMO, but good for getting early attention.
AppVita – All about apps… obvs.
StartupWhizz – Lesser known but not terrible for getting the name out there.
RateMyStartup – Startup rating and reviews.
Mighty Deals – Daily deals for creative designers and web developers.
Launch Lister – Daily & weekly email with the top product launches from the startup sites.
SaaS Club – A newsletter for the SaaS community.
Founders Grid – A newsletter with curated list of the best startups.
Startup Digest – A personalized newsletter for all things related to startups.
Web Tools Weekly – A weekly newsletter for front-end developers with a specific focus on tools.

Other honorable mentions that may or may not be useful: