How Virtual Summits Can Boost Your Business in 90 Days


Virtual Summits are one of the best ways to establish yourself in any niche and generate a ton of amazing content from some of the best people of the planet in a very short amount of time. As fast as 90 days in many cases.

A new take on the traditional conference or tele-summit model, virtual summits are simply an online conference in any industry with a core group of experts as speakers. They can be a single day or as long as a month. The flexibility is unlimited to make them what you want and even run them on the side of another job. You can also make them as affordable as you like. Many are completely free to watch and use a freemium-style approach to the content to ensure that the most amount of people as possible are able to take advantage of the amazing content.


25,000 Page Views in Two Weeks! This site’s average pre-summit? 500 in 1 Month.

Will this work for your niche? YES! As long as you can find as few as five experts in your industry willing to give you an hour of their time, then a summit will work for you. Microsoft recently hosted a one-day internet security summit online with only about five speakers that was attended by thousands of people across the globe and instantly built them an audience of like-minded potential customers across the globe. I’ve seen summits focused on such topics as travel blogging, stock trading, health foods, webinars, agriculture, and branding. If you can think of an industry, you can run a summit on it.

What’s the benefit? In the space of just a few weeks, even coming from nothing you can establish yourself as an industry expert and built an email list of thousands. If you want to monetize it, you can do that too. However, in my experience the long-game of using the summit to build credibility and then up-selling another related product post event is the best model to get maximum benefit of both exposure and income. Another awesome benefit to running a conference in this model is the flexibility. Flexibility for the speakers, flexibility for the viewers, and flexibility for you. You can pre-record all the speakers on their own time, schedule the conference weeks or months later when it works for you, and then attendees can watch the conference on their own time and at their own pace during the course of the event.

Can you run one yourself? Absolutely! Take a couple days to do some research and you can absolutely create a plan for executing your own summit on your own and if you really give it your all, I am confident that you can plan and run your own summit. Even people with very little technical savvy can run one on their own.

What if you don’t have the time to research it all yourself? No problem. There are tons of great programs out there that will teach you how to run a virtual summit on your own and even help you make some introductions to other people who might be great speakers. Want it just done for you? Hire us for a complete done-for-you summit, or sign up for a mentorship where we work with you side by side to teach you all we know about creating summits to help take your business to the next level.

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