How to Add an Additional User to Your Facebook Ad Account

*Note- If you have never used the Facebook ad account before, or if your screens look different from the Section 1 tutorial, please see Section 2 for an alternate set of instructions.

Section 1

Step 1

Login to your Facebook Ad Account from your main profile by selecting ‘Manage Ads’ from your main profile menu:

…and click on the Menu in the upper left corner; Select Ad Account Settings as shown below.

Step 2

Scroll down to Ad Account Roles and click Add a Person

Step 3

Type in the ID# of the person that you want to add in the box shown, then select Ad Account Advertiser. Advertisers may edit campaigns and see the data, but do not have access to any billing information or administrative settings. (Note: Prior to beginning a new ad campaign make sure that a valid credit card is on file for this ad account.)

Section 2

*If you’ve never used Facebook ads before, your interface might be different from what we showed above. If this is the case, review section 2 to see if these instructions help.

Step 1

First up, check your menu bar for this option ‘Create Ads’:

Step 2

Once you select ‘Create Ads’, you will likely be presented with a popup that looks something like this:

Step 3

Select ‘Get Started’ to dismiss this pop-up and move to the next page which will probably look like this:

Step 4

From this popup, Select the link at the bottom of the screen that says ‘Show All Options’ which will take you to the main Facebook Ad editor:

Step 5

On that page, scroll down to the bottom of the screen and select the ‘Close’ button to dismiss the editor.

Now you should be able to select the main Ad Account Menu at the top of the screen as shown below. Select the ‘Ad Account Settings’ option on the far right of the screen:

Step 6

Finally, select ‘Account Roles’ from the left side menu bar.

If someone has already requested access to your ad account you will see their outstanding request listed under ‘Pending Agency Requests’. If not, you can select ‘Add a User’ and add their Business Manager account by entering their account id#.